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Does My Child Need Counseling?
Every child and family is different.  There are also different kinds of ways for you and your family to heal.  In order
to decide what is best for each situation, it is often appropriate to talk to a professional who can discuss the effects
that the abuse may have had (or could have) on your family.  You can then work together on a plan of what is best
for you and your family.  Trust your instincts in this process and do what feels right.  The following information is to
help you make your decision.

Your child may or may not show signs of trauma.  It is important to remember however that children may keep their
feelings to themselves.  This does not mean that they do not feel upset, do not want support or that the feelings
about it will go away.  In fact, these feelings may continue but remain undetected which may create problems in the
future if unresolved.

Signs to look for in younger children:
•        Clingy behavior or not wanting to leave home
•        Regressive behaviors, ie:  bedwetting, baby talk
•        Nightmares or other problems sleeping
•        Loss or gain in appetite
•        Withdrawal from people
•        Irritability, aggressiveness, agitations, hyperactivity
•        Bowel movement problems

Signs to look for in older children:
•        Substance abuse and /or self-destructive behavior such as cutting
•        Complaints of physical ailments (stomach and headaches)
•        Change in school performance
•        Seductive behavior
•        Poor self-image
•        Depression
•        Running away or fear of returning home

There are many factors that may impact the healing process.  These include type, severity and length of abuse,
age of victim, the relationship with the perpetrator and the condition of the child before his/her outcry.  It is
important to talk to a therapist about your questions and concerns.