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How Do I Know If My Child Is Telling The Truth?
Believing your child is the most important way you can begin the healing process.  Please consider the following

• How would your child have specific knowledge of sexual acts?
• What does your child have to gain from accusing someone of sexual acts?
• Though every child has lied about something at some time, does lying about homework compare with telling
about something as serious and embarrassing as sexual abuse?

Children tend to have active imaginations about certain areas of their lives:  cartoons, doll play, etc., but not about
sexual situations unless they have been exposed to this information directly.  Children rarely lie about being
sexually abused.

Most children are molested by someone they know.  They tell because they want the abuse to stop, not because
they want to hurt the adult or get them in trouble.  If a child tells about the abuse and is not believed, the child may
interpret this as not being worthy of protection and the child’s self-esteem will be damaged.  This belief also
decreases a child’s ability to tell someone else.

It is not unusual for a child to tell what happened in bits and pieces.  One of the ways children cope with abuse
they feel helpless to prevent is to push the memory away.  Once they feel safe, more memories may return.  This
is very normal.