Gonzales Regional Children's Advocacy Center
Gonzales and Lavaca
1604 St. Paul St., Gonzales, Tx 78629  Phone 830-672-1278
Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas
National Children's Alliance
A 501 (C) (3) Tax exempt organization
To restore the dignity, hope
and security to children of
Gonzales, Lavaca and
surrounding counties by uniting
public officials and our

To Apply, send resume and cover letter to:
Deane Parsley Novosad
Norma's House
PO Box 1925
Gonzales, Tx 78629

Email:  deane.novosad@normashouse.net
                                      JOB ANNOUNCEMENT

                                                                 Gonzales Regional CAC
                                (position to provide services in both Gonzales and Lavaca Counties)

                           Job Title: Program & Volunteer Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer

           Organization Mission Type:  Human/Social Services, Multi-Disciplinary Community Service,  
           Position Classification:  Hourly/non-exempt/full time employment                          
           Supervisor:  Executive Director

ROLE: Program & Volunteer Coordinator
JOB SUMMARY: The Program & Volunteer Coordinator works as part of a Multidisciplinary Team responding to
child sexual abuse& physical abuse allegations. Services are also available to adult survivors of child abuse, adults
with disabilities & senior adults.  The Program & Volunteer Coordinator participates in all aspects of the
organization including planning, organizing, & implementing program activities, training of professionals, outreach,
& recruiting/managing volunteers (or volunteer coordinator.)

ROLE:  Forensic Interviewer
JOB SUMMARY: The Forensic Interviewer works as part of a multidisciplinary team responding to child sexual
abuse & physical abuse allegations. The Interviewer conducts child-focused, forensically-sound, forensic
interviews of alleged child victims (and adults with disabilities) referred to Norma’s House. All forensic interviews are
conducted according to current Norma’s House – Children’s Advocacy Center Program Protocol & interview
guidelines.  The Interviewer testifies as a fact & expert witness in Court as requested through subpoena.

•        Must be able to interact with a variety of professionals & personalities, establish& maintain healthy working
•        Provide CAC representations at local social service networking coalitions.
•        Attend trainings & conferences as required.
•        Develop and/or implement goals & objectives for programs which reflect the mission of the organization.
•        Develop and/or implement community outreach training activities related to Norma’s House Mission.
•        Manage & operate presentation software & equipment.
•        Implement effective strategies to recruit volunteers.
•        Develop and/or administer forms & records to document interviews, outreach & volunteer activities.
•        Recruit & ensure volunteers are trained, supervised & rewarded to be successful in their positions.
•        Attend outreach events.  
•        Assist with other duties as requested by the Executive Director
•        Conducting a forensically sound interview focused on obtaining accurate information to support any
subsequent system or court actions necessary to secure the child’s safety & wellbeing& facilitate justice in criminal
•        Must be able to interact with a variety of professionals & personalities, establish & maintain healthy working
•        Meet with investigators prior to & following the interview to discuss the case.
•        Participate in Multidisciplinary Team meetings.
•        Participate in on-site & out of town peer review by submitting own interviews for review & by providing critique
of others’ forensic interviews.
•        Remain current on proper forensic interviewing practices & guidelines & maintain expert awareness of
current trends, research, & developments in the field of forensic interviewing, trauma, sexual abuse, offender
pathology& other pertinent topics.
•        Candidate must be available to attend out-of-town forensic interview training events as scheduled.
•        Ability to testify in Court proceedings to withstand scrutiny& confrontation.
•        Must ensure strict confidentiality of agency & client information.
•        Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, human development or a related field & 4 years’ experience
working with children and/or families.
•        Ability to engage children of all ages in an interview-type setting & mediate with parents in crisis. Ability to
engage children & adults during presentations. Strong public speaking skills
•        Ability to testify in Court proceedings to withstand scrutiny & confrontation.
•        Sensitivity to the cultural & developmental needs of individual children.
•        Effective communication skills, both oral & written.
•        Must complete & pass a criminal background investigation.
•        Must ensure strict confidentiality of agency & client information.
•        Strong public speaking skills.
•        Ability to communicate in Spanish is preferred.

•        Must be able to deal with a variety of emotions under stressful situations & be able to deal with people who
may be very upset.
•        Emotional stability & personal maturity important attributes in this position.
•        Requires normal range of hearing, eyesight, coordination & manual dexterity sufficient to record, prepare &
communicate & operate office equipment.
•        Requires set-up & break-down of Norma’s House display & presentation equipment at events.  Requires set
up & knowledge of mobile recording equipment& management of in-house recording equipment.
•        Some travel required

Benefits include health insurance, vision and dental, life and retirement.