Gonzales Regional Children's Advocacy Center
Gonzales and Lavaca
Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas
National Children's Alliance
Children come to Norma's House through law enforcement or Child Protective Services.  
Our services are free to the abused/neglected child and any non-offending family members.  
Pediatric Forensic Interviews
interviews with child victims of sexual assault and child abuse. This video-recorded interview serves as the voice
of the child to reduce the number of times he/she must describe the details of their abuse.

Family Advocate
Trained advocates provide accompaniment for clients to law enforcement agencies, the hospital, the district
attorney's office and during all court proceedings to provide and to ensure that the client's legal rights and needs
are being met.

Post-Crisis Counseling Services
Counseling for victims of violent crimes is essential to provide much needed understanding and support and to
reduce trauma. Counseling is provided by licensed counselors.

Information and Referrals
Information and referrals are provided including available resources; how to obtain a protective order; safety
planning to assist victims of domestic violence in taking precautions and staying safe; and Crime Victim

Coordination of multi-disciplinary team (MDT) investigations
Our MDT is composed of Norma's House staff, medical professionals, hospital administrators, law enforcement
investigators, prosecutors, counselors and child protective services.  An established and effective MDT is
essential for the accomplishment of comprehensive investigation management and prosecution of cases.

Community Education and Training Programs
Education and training is provided to local employers, community groups, organizations, law enforcement, criminal
justice personnel and individuals on topics including the dynamics of child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic
violence, and Norma's House's services.
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