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Why Do People Molest Children?
Most of us are disgusted at the thought of someone sexually abusing a child.  The idea is so foreign to us we think
“Anyone who would do that is very different from me.” “He couldn’t possibly be a person I care about.”  The fact is
offenders come from every profession and every socio-economic group.  They appear to be “normal” and are
people whom we trust.

Offenders’ extreme denial and manipulations can often convince anyone, even professionals, that they do not
have a problem.  They are so convincing that you may even doubt your own child.

There is not just one reason why a person would sexually molest a child.  There is a combination of factors, both
within the offender and in the environment, which allows the person to sexually abuse a child.

An offender will often give you several reasons as an excuse for their own behavior as a way of trying to “get off
the hook” or ease their own guilt over their actions.  Common excuses are:

“I was drunk (or drugged) and didn’t know what I was doing.”
“I was abused as a child.”
“I was only trying to teach the child what to look out for when they get older.”
“She came on to me.  I couldn’t stop her.”
“I don’t know what happened.  I just lost control.  It won’t happen again.  I promise.”

A person who molests even one time is very likely to do it again.  There is no complete “cure”.  If a molester is
motivated, a comprehensive and specialized treatment program can greatly reduce the chances of it happening
again.  The offender can learn the tools he needs to prevent it from reoccurring (i.e. making sure he is never alone
with any child).  Because the dynamics are so complex, these offenders need to be seen by therapists who are
specifically trained to work with sex offenders and their families.  

Unless offenders receive long-term treatment, they are a high risk of continuing to molest children.